New in version 3.30.

Indicate to Visual Studio Generators what configurations are considered debug configurations. This controls the UseDebugLibraries setting in each configuration of a .vcxproj file.

The "Use Debug Libraries" setting in Visual Studio projects, despite its specific-sounding name, is a general-purpose indicator of what configurations are considered debug configurations. In standalone projects, this may affect MSBuild's default selection of MSVC runtime library, optimization flags, runtime checks, and similar settings. In CMake projects those settings are typically generated explicitly based on the project's specification, e.g., the MSVC runtime library is controlled by MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY. However, the UseDebugLibraries indicator is useful for reference by both humans and tools, and may also affect the behavior of platform-specific SDKs.

Set VS_USE_DEBUG_LIBRARIES to a true or false value to indicate whether each configuration is considered a debug configuration. The value may also be the empty string ("") in which case no UseDebugLibraries will be added explicitly by CMake, and MSBuild will use its default value, false.

Use generator expressions for per-configuration specification. For example, the code:

add_executable(foo foo.c)
set_property(TARGET foo PROPERTY

indicates that target foo considers its "Debug" and "Custom" configurations to be debug configurations, and its other configurations to be non-debug configurations.

The property is initialized from the value of the CMAKE_VS_USE_DEBUG_LIBRARIES variable, if it is set. If the property is not set then CMake generates UseDebugLibraries using heuristics to determine which configurations are debug configurations. See policy CMP0162.