New in version 3.16.

Boolean specifying whether compiler specific extensions are requested.

This property specifies whether compiler specific extensions should be used. For some compilers, this results in adding a flag such as -std=gnu11 instead of -std=c11 to the compile line. This property is ON by default. The basic OBJC standard level is controlled by the OBJC_STANDARD target property.

If the property is not set, and the project has set the C_EXTENSIONS, the value of C_EXTENSIONS is set for OBJC_EXTENSIONS.

See the cmake-compile-features(7) manual for information on compile features and a list of supported compilers.

This property is initialized by the value of the CMAKE_OBJC_EXTENSIONS variable if set when a target is created and otherwise by the value of CMAKE_OBJC_EXTENSIONS_DEFAULT (see CMP0128).