Full path to the import library for an IMPORTED target.

This property may be set:

  • On DLL platforms, to the location of the .lib part of the DLL.

  • New in version 3.16: On AIX, to an import file (e.g. .imp) created for executables that export symbols (see the ENABLE_EXPORTS target property).

  • New in version 3.27: On Apple platforms, to an import file (e.g. .tbd) created for shared libraries or frameworks (see the ENABLE_EXPORTS target property). For frameworks, this is the location of the .tbd file symlink just inside the framework folder.

  • New in version 3.28: On non-DLL platforms, to the location of a shared library. When set without also specifying an IMPORTED_LOCATION, the library is considered to be a stub, and its location will not be added as a runtime search path to dependents that link it.

Changed in version 3.28: If an imported target is an Apple framework or XCFramework, the preferred arrangement is to set IMPORTED_LOCATION to the .framework or .xcframework directory. CMake will then find the relevant .tbd file inside that framework or XCFramework automatically without requiring IMPORTED_IMPLIB to be set.

The IMPORTED_IMPLIB target property may be overridden for a given configuration <CONFIG> by the configuration-specific IMPORTED_IMPLIB_<CONFIG> target property. Furthermore, the MAP_IMPORTED_CONFIG_<CONFIG> target property may be used to map between a project's configurations and those of an imported target. If none of these is set then the name of any other configuration listed in the IMPORTED_CONFIGURATIONS target property may be selected and its IMPORTED_IMPLIB_<CONFIG> value used.

This property is ignored for non-imported targets.