New in version 3.18.

Postfix to append to the framework file name for configuration <CONFIG>, when using a multi-config generator (like Xcode and Ninja Multi-Config).

When building with configuration <CONFIG> the value of this property is appended to the framework file name built on disk.

For example, given a framework called my_fw, a value of _debug for the FRAMEWORK_MULTI_CONFIG_POSTFIX_DEBUG property, and Debug;Release in CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES, the following relevant files would be created for the Debug and Release configurations:

  • Release/my_fw.framework/my_fw

  • Release/my_fw.framework/Versions/A/my_fw

  • Debug/my_fw.framework/my_fw_debug

  • Debug/my_fw.framework/Versions/A/my_fw_debug

For framework targets, this property is initialized by the value of the CMAKE_FRAMEWORK_MULTI_CONFIG_POSTFIX_<CONFIG> variable if it is set when a target is created.

This property is ignored for non-framework targets, and when using single config generators.