New in version 3.23.

Specify the .NET SDK for C# projects. For example: Microsoft.NET.Sdk.

This property tells Visual Studio Generators for VS 2019 and above to generate a .NET SDK-style project using the specified SDK. The property is meaningful only to these generators, and only in C# targets. It is ignored for C++ projects, even if they are managed (e.g. using COMMON_LANGUAGE_RUNTIME).

This property must be a non-empty string to generate .NET SDK-style projects. CMake does not perform any validations for the value of the property.

This property may be initialized for all targets using the CMAKE_DOTNET_SDK variable.


The Visual Studio Generators in this version of CMake have not yet learned to support add_custom_command() in .NET SDK-style projects. It is currently an error to attach a custom command to a target with the DOTNET_SDK property set.