New in version 3.0.

Additional options for uic when using AUTOUIC

This property holds additional command line options which will be used when uic is executed during the build via AUTOUIC, i.e. it is equivalent to the optional OPTIONS argument of the qt4_wrap_ui() macro.

This property is initialized by the value of the CMAKE_AUTOUIC_OPTIONS variable if it is set when a target is created, or an empty string otherwise.

The options set on the target may be overridden by AUTOUIC_OPTIONS set on the .ui source file.

This property may use "generator expressions" with the syntax $<...>. See the cmake-generator-expressions(7) manual for available expressions.

See the cmake-qt(7) manual for more information on using CMake with Qt.


# ...
set_property(TARGET tgt PROPERTY AUTOUIC_OPTIONS "--no-protection")
# ...