Additional target dependencies of the corresponding _autogen target.

Targets which have their AUTOMOC or AUTOUIC property ON have a corresponding _autogen target which generates moc and uic files. As this _autogen target is created at generate-time, it is not possible to define dependencies of it using e.g. add_dependencies(). Instead the AUTOGEN_TARGET_DEPENDS target property can be set to a ;-list of additional dependencies for the _autogen target. Dependencies can be target names or file names.

In total the dependencies of the _autogen target are composed from

  • forwarded origin target dependencies (enabled by default via AUTOGEN_ORIGIN_DEPENDS)

  • additional user defined dependencies from AUTOGEN_TARGET_DEPENDS

See the cmake-qt(7) manual for more information on using CMake with Qt.

Use cases

If AUTOMOC or AUTOUIC depends on a file that is either

it must be added to AUTOGEN_TARGET_DEPENDS.