New in version 3.27.

The FindPythonInterp and FindPythonLibs modules are removed.

These modules have been deprecated since CMake 3.12. CMake 3.27 and above prefer to not provide the modules. This policy provides compatibility for projects that have not been ported away from them.

Projects using the FindPythonInterp and/or FindPythonLibs modules should be updated to use one of their replacements:

The OLD behavior of this policy is for find_package(PythonInterp) and find_package(PythonLibs) to load the deprecated modules. The NEW behavior is for uses of the modules to fail as if they do not exist.

This policy was introduced in CMake version 3.27. It may be set by cmake_policy() or cmake_minimum_required(). If it is not set, CMake warns, and uses OLD behavior.


The OLD behavior of a policy is deprecated by definition and may be removed in a future version of CMake.