Include an external Microsoft project file in a workspace.

include_external_msproject(projectname location
                           [TYPE projectTypeGUID]
                           [GUID projectGUID]
                           [PLATFORM platformName]
                           dep1 dep2 ...)

Includes an external Microsoft project in the generated workspace file. Currently does nothing on UNIX. This will create a target named [projectname]. This can be used in the add_dependencies() command to make things depend on the external project.

TYPE, GUID and PLATFORM are optional parameters that allow one to specify the type of project, id (GUID) of the project and the name of the target platform. This is useful for projects requiring values other than the default (e.g. WIX projects).

New in version 3.9: If the imported project has different configuration names than the current project, set the MAP_IMPORTED_CONFIG_<CONFIG> target property to specify the mapping.