Perform the CTest Submit Step as a Dashboard Client.

ctest_submit([PARTS <part>...] [FILES <file>...]
             [SUBMIT_URL <url>]
             [BUILD_ID <result-var>]
             [HTTPHEADER <header>]
             [RETRY_COUNT <count>]
             [RETRY_DELAY <delay>]
             [RETURN_VALUE <result-var>]
             [CAPTURE_CMAKE_ERROR <result-var>]

Submit results to a dashboard server. By default all available parts are submitted.

The options are:

PARTS <part>...

Specify a subset of parts to submit. Valid part names are:

Start      = nothing
Update     = ctest_update results, in Update.xml
Configure  = ctest_configure results, in Configure.xml
Build      = ctest_build results, in Build.xml
Test       = ctest_test results, in Test.xml
Coverage   = ctest_coverage results, in Coverage.xml
MemCheck   = ctest_memcheck results, in DynamicAnalysis.xml and
Notes      = Files listed by CTEST_NOTES_FILES, in Notes.xml
ExtraFiles = Files listed by CTEST_EXTRA_SUBMIT_FILES
Upload     = Files prepared for upload by ctest_upload(), in Upload.xml
Submit     = nothing
Done       = Build is complete, in Done.xml
FILES <file>...

Specify an explicit list of specific files to be submitted. Each individual file must exist at the time of the call.


New in version 3.14.

The http or https URL of the dashboard server to send the submission to. If not given, the CTEST_SUBMIT_URL variable is used.

BUILD_ID <result-var>

New in version 3.15.

Store in the <result-var> variable the ID assigned to this build by CDash.


New in version 3.9.

Specify HTTP header to be included in the request to CDash during submission. For example, CDash can be configured to only accept submissions from authenticated clients. In this case, you should provide a bearer token in your header:

ctest_submit(HTTPHEADER "Authorization: Bearer <auth-token>")

This suboption can be repeated several times for multiple headers.


Specify how many times to retry a timed-out submission.


Specify how long (in seconds) to wait after a timed-out submission before attempting to re-submit.

RETURN_VALUE <result-var>

Store in the <result-var> variable 0 for success and non-zero on failure.


New in version 3.13.

Store in the <result-var> variable -1 if there are any errors running the command and prevent ctest from returning non-zero if an error occurs.


New in version 3.3.

Suppress all non-error messages that would have otherwise been printed to the console.

Submit to CDash Upload API

New in version 3.2.

ctest_submit(CDASH_UPLOAD <file> [CDASH_UPLOAD_TYPE <type>]
             [SUBMIT_URL <url>]
             [BUILD_ID <result-var>]
             [HTTPHEADER <header>]
             [RETRY_COUNT <count>]
             [RETRY_DELAY <delay>]
             [RETURN_VALUE <result-var>]

This second signature is used to upload files to CDash via the CDash file upload API. The API first sends a request to upload to CDash along with a content hash of the file. If CDash does not already have the file, then it is uploaded. Along with the file, a CDash type string is specified to tell CDash which handler to use to process the data.

This signature interprets options in the same way as the first one.

New in version 3.8: Added the RETRY_COUNT, RETRY_DELAY, QUIET options.

New in version 3.9: Added the HTTPHEADER option.

New in version 3.13: Added the RETURN_VALUE option.

New in version 3.14: Added the SUBMIT_URL option.

New in version 3.15: Added the BUILD_ID option.