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Large Image Viewer Demos

Server side Processing

This is an unstable (still under development) demo for interactive segmenation) Select VectorConfidenceConnected and select region followed by seed point and process

  (Nightly tested)  
 (Continuous development, currently only within Kitware) 

Large 3d data

(Use the slider below to navigate in Z)
(From Kitware) http://dash1old/connectome/daniels.php

Digital Dermatopathology Atlas
(From Kitware) http://amber11:82/

Simpsons Universe (Fun data)
(From Kitware) http://dash1old/connectome/large_image.php?db=simpsons&image=simpsons.jpg&levels=6&tile=256

Brainbow data (Small data)
(From Kitware) http://dash1old/connectome/large_image.php?db=brainbow&image=0&levels=4&tile=256

Midas Plugin Demo

(Click on "View sample data")
Currently investigating why the data is not loading properly from outside Kitware
(From Kitware) http://amber11:84/Midas/connectome