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0000786CMakepublic2004-04-22 20:012004-04-28 13:56
ReporterAndrew Maclean 
Assigned ToBill Hoffman 
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Summary0000786: Incorrect Python execuatable selected.
DescriptionUsing VC7.1
Assumes that the windows version of Python and the Cygwin version of Python are installed.
In this case, when searching for python.exe, CMake always selects the cygwin version even though it correctly picks out the windows version for the Libs. So you have to manually change the path. Can this be automated so that when the windows version of Python libs are used the windows version of Python.exe is selected?
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Bill Hoffman (manager)
2004-04-23 08:30

Not much we can do about this. CMake looks in your PATH for finding executables. If you do not have cygwin in your path it will not happen. But cmake will run the executable that you would run from that shell.
Bill Hoffman (manager)
2004-04-28 13:56

This was a bug in ITK and CableSwig cmakelist files. They looked for python22 before just plain python. If there is a plain python in the path, it should be picked. cygwin has a python22.exe but windows only has a python.exe so the cygwin one was prefred. I have checked in a fix into the ITK tree.

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