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0000579CMakepublic2004-02-04 23:252004-04-14 16:58
Assigned ToBill Hoffman 
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Summary0000579: INCLUDE_EXTERNAL_MSPROJECT causes crash
DescriptionCMake crashes within cmGlobalVisualStudio71Generator::WriteSLNFile(std::ostream& fout)
in the following code (confirmed by debugging the failed run with Visual Studio 7 debugger on CMake 1.8.3 built from source):

      // Write the project into the SLN file
      if (strncmp(l->first.c_str(), "INCLUDE_EXTERNAL_MSPROJECT", 26) == 0)
        cmCustomCommand cc = l->second.GetPreLinkCommands()[0];

Evidently the m_PreLinkCommands member of l->second is empty, and taking the [0] element of this results in a null reference which is passed to the cmCustomCommand constructor.

To configure, it appears to be necessary to remove all INCLUDE_EXTERNAL_MSPROJECT commands from CMakeLists.txt. Of course this also means the configuration doesn't include those projects.
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Bill Hoffman (manager)
2004-04-14 16:58

I fixed this and it seems to work in cvs.

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