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0001905CMakeCMakepublic2005-06-03 16:502005-06-20 13:16
ReporterAnton Deguet 
Assigned ToKen Martin 
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Summary0001905: In module UseSWIG, missing quotes with STREQUAL
DescriptionIn the cvs repository of CMake, as of June 3 2005, the module UseSWIG.cmake has:

IF(${swig_source_file_flags} STREQUAL "NOTFOUND")

which can create a syntax error. Modifying this line to:

IF("${swig_source_file_flags}" STREQUAL "NOTFOUND")

seems to solve the problem. I did a quick grep for STREQUAL in all the modules and found a couple of them without the "".
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Ken Martin (developer)
2005-06-20 13:11

Thanks, I fixed the swig and TestBIGEndien modules which seemed to be missing them.

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