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0013830CMakeCMakepublic2013-01-03 17:302016-06-10 14:31
ReporterAmine Khaldi 
Assigned ToKitware Robot 
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Product VersionCMake 
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Summary0013830: Add support for RC-specific preprocessor definitions

Which works perfectly with ninja and nmake makefiles. When you use the VS 2010 generator you will get a *very* different handling of rc files, that leads to broken binaries. There is absolutely no way to customize it at least and put it inside an if(MSVC_IDE) or something (as a hack).
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Brad King (manager)
2013-01-04 08:22

Rule variables are used only for the Makefile and Ninja generators. The VS 10 IDE generators just add sources to the .vcxproj files and let MSBuild handle compilation.

What goes in ${I18N_DEFS} that you want to end up on the command line?
Amine Khaldi (reporter)
2013-01-04 08:26

Localization defines. We found no way to add them to the RC compiler only.

Also, the VS generator adds a flag for the "Culture" (it adds /l 0x0409 flag which represents English (United States) (0x409) ) that we didn't ask for and we find no way to remove it.
Brad King (manager)
2013-01-04 08:44

CMake doesn't have per-language preprocessor definition configuration, but you can set it on a specific source file:


The Culture flag is not coming from CMake. That is default behavior of the project files. CMake will map flags to project file elements for the cl, lib, and link tools but no such feature is yet implemented for resource compilation.
Amine Khaldi (reporter)
2013-01-04 08:46

We have more than 800 targets. I sincerely hope that setting the COMPILE_DEFINITIONS property with our list of defines (tons of defines) for localization, is not the only solution, because that's just impractical.
Brad King (manager)
2013-01-07 10:56

Is your main goal to add preprocessor definitions exclusively for resources and not for C/C++ code?
Amine Khaldi (reporter)
2013-01-07 10:58
edited on: 2013-01-07 10:58

Yes, since these are localization definitions that affect only rc files.

Kitware Robot (administrator)
2016-06-10 14:28

Resolving issue as `moved`.

This issue tracker is no longer used. Further discussion of this issue may take place in the current CMake Issues page linked in the banner at the top of this page.

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