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0001304CMakepublic2004-10-29 11:132005-04-04 16:46
ReporterAnton Deguet 
Assigned ToSystem Admin 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001304: ADD_SWIG_MODULE doesn't always clean the generated source file
DescriptionIn UseSWIG.cmake, the macro SWIG_ADD_MODULE specifies that the generated source file must be clean with the line:


If in a given CMakeLists.txt (for a single directory), this macro is called only once, it works, i.e. make clean will clean the _wrap.cxx generated file. If the macro is called multiple times, the last _wrap.cxx is cleaned but not the other files. I guess something must get overwritten.
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2005-04-04 16:46

fixed in cvs

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