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0015970: CMake changes order of include directories when a directory is specified both as a SYSTEM and non-SYSTEM include
I ran into a problem recently where a package I was building set a SYSTEM include directory which was already a non-SYSTEM include directory imported from a dependency. When this happened, CMake dropped the non-SYSTEM directory in favor of the SYSTEM one, causing my build to fail.

According to GCC [1], it gives precedence to non-SYSTEM include directories, and specifying both for the same path produces a warning.

[1] [^]
> All directories named by -isystem are searched after all directories named by -I, no matter what their order was on the command line. If the same directory is named by both -I and -isystem, the -I option is ignored. GCC provides an informative message when this occurs if -v is used.

With CMake, if both are specified, it drops the non-SYSTEM include and fails silently. For example, when building this project with any recent version of CMake on Linux, the build command is:

/usr/bin/c++ -isystem /path/to/overlay/devel/include -I/opt/ros/indigo/include -o CMakeFiles/foo.dir/foo.cpp.o -c /home/jbohren/scratch/isystem/foo.cpp

But with the three `incude_directory` options given in `CMakeLists.txt`, I would expect it to read:

/usr/bin/c++ -I/path/to/overlay/devel/include -I/opt/ros/indigo/include -isystem /path/to/overlay/devel/include -o CMakeFiles/foo.dir/foo.cpp.o -c /home/jbohren/scratch/isystem/foo.cpp

Even the following would maintain the order of the search paths, since the non-SYSTEM directories are all scanned before the SYSTEM ones:

/usr/bin/c++ -I/path/to/overlay/devel/include -I/opt/ros/indigo/include -o CMakeFiles/foo.dir/foo.cpp.o -c /home/jbohren/scratch/isystem/foo.cpp
Build this trivial CMake project to observe the effect: [^]
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